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Jakob S. Boeskov Artist and Designer

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Jakob Salomon Boeskov is a Danish-Icelandic artist and filmmaker. He produces drawings and videos that has been shown in museums in Europe and America.

Jakob S. Boeskov - self portrait

Boeskov was born in Elsinore, Denmark and later moved to Copenhagen where he started to produce "underground" comics. In his comics real and fictive characters would mix on the same pages. (This mix of "documentary" and "fiction" is something Boeskov later would get back to in his art and his filmmaking.)

In 2001 Boeskov created his own artistic concept, Fictionism. The stated idea of Fictionism is to "test out future products today" Boeskov's most well known piece is My Doomsday Weapon (2002) where he, together with journalist Mads Brügger and industrial designer Kristian Von Bengtsson, created a fake hi-tech weapon called the ID Sniper rifle.
This fictive weapon could shoot of GPS chips into demonstrators, so that the police later could locate them and "apply the punishment." Boeskov brought drawings of this weapon to a weapons fair in Beijing, China, where the weapon received positive reactions from real weapons dealers, politicians and policemen. Boeskov described the project "like being a sci-fi writer caught in his own novel"

The project received worldwide press and caused Boeskov to receive purchase orders from military and security agencies from around the world.
In 2007 Boeskov started a short lived musical project called Black Scandinavia. The band performed with Gang Gang Dance in New York and Copenhagen.
In 2009 Boeskov directed his first feature film ("Black Phone"). The semi-autobiographical film is currently in post production.

Jakob S. Boeskov Video - talks about "The Secret DK", about badges and logos, the piece "The Wreck", about Irony, the piece "2004-2005", about provoking and changing the world

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